Mosaic Workshops 2016




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Please email me for more information regarding the upcoming workshops. The Tile House is in Wonder Valley, in the Mojave desert near Joshua Tree. The Raft is in Santa Barbara. Come be inspired and create something new. All materials are included and everyone leaves the workshop with a finished piece, knowledge and a little grit. Hope to see you in 2o15.

Dates have changed.

I scheduled the dates last year, forgetting that Hwy 62 Art Tours was on the SAME weekend. Ooops. So the new dates for November 2014 are the 8th and 9th. Hope to see you there, one week after the Hwy 62 Art Tours and the same weekend as the Weed Show in 29 Palms. It’s all happening in the high desert.


Snake Table




New Schedule for 2014

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Here is your incentive to save a creative weekend for yourself. Saturday is 10 til 5 and Sunday is 10 til noon.

Workshop will only be $145 if you sign up and pay $100 by June first.

June 11th gets you a whopping $10 oƒƒ

Hope to see you in the desert or at the seaside. Roll up your sleeves and start smashing tiles!!! Reconstruction, rearrangement and repositioning… come join the fun!!



This weekends workshop at The Raft, at Arugula Farms in Santa Barbara was a fun time. Everybody got their creative juices flowing. Doug’s cousins were here so drinks were served after lunch… of course it’s not like I haven’t seen that before, just not setting a precedent!!! Quinoa salad and buretta cheese from Italy with jalapeño bread…. mmmmm we know how to feed you, soul, stomach and mind. I was happy to finish a piece I had started earlier in the week. Now “Four Asian Plates” is finished and framed. Thank you Nicole, Mimi, Kristi and Justine for making this a great weekend. Special thanks to my husband Doug Smith for making a great lunch and cocktails. Also a big thank you to Nancy Smith for taking us all out to dinner. Exhausted yet? Bloody Mary with that? Hope to see you at the next fabulous tile smashing, grout slapping workshop here on July 13 and 14. Saturday is from 10 til 5 and Sunday is a quick 10 til noon and then you’re taking your finished piece and dirty little grout hands home!!!

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